Monday, June 11, 2007

A Fressac

Hello my friends,
Yes I am still alive, my access to internet is very limited so here are some photos from my trip to france so far. more stories and details another day.

Went to the Theatre in New York with Cornelia Baker the day before my departure to Europe.

Ryan Air.. hahaha. I flew to Heathrow with Virgin Atlantic and then took a shuttle to London Stansted and then took Ryan Air for the first time. Interesting. I like the non-existing steat assignment its good. lol

Then finally I arrived in Montpellier, was picked up by my cousin's husband Terence (wonderful Englishman!!) and finally arrived in Mas du Planas in Fressac. Well and this is my little appartment, one of 3 seperate appartments in this house plus their normal livingspace.

This is the mezzanine and the kitchen of my little Studio appartment.. sorry for the sideways view i have limited options on this computer.

This is the east (?) side of their house. Beautiful terrasse with 3mio plants that i have to water every day. lol

View of the house from the pool, they enclosed a former terrace and turned it into a wintergarden up there.

steps leading up to the house from the pool

The terrace of the south appartment..uptop there.

lol sideways view of a cafe in st. hippolyte du fort which is the next larger town, Terence took me to their big open air market on fridays

Wonderful landscape that I discovered during a hike behind their property. The hillside/mountain range that we are located at are called les cevennes. And we are on the edge of it. Very far from a real town, its so silent outside.. just birds, frogs bees and other insects and the neighbors goats.. that's it.


Anonymous said...

ach,so beautiful!

wee-fi said...

That is stunning =) Bottle me a jar of fresh air from there or something! haha

Alice Wong said...

That looks like you are having soo much fun !!!

Maria Doering said...

It is absolutely beautiful, the fun part is very limited but I am trying my best to be outside every day as much as I can, I've drawn about 30 pages in my sketchbook and more to come. Painting is a bit difficult at the moment I don't feel up to it yet. But I took 2 rolls of black and white film as well. :) And filled up all my memory cards on my digi. It is really a little paradise!!