Saturday, June 30, 2007

France and some fotos from Barcelona :D

Sauve... I think, lol I have been to so many different places it could have also been Sommiere now that I think about it. Yeah probably Sommiere. ;)

This is in Anduze another small lil town :).

This is a portrait of Oliver, my cousins' grandson. Did it just for fun. I was lucky and she purchased it from me. :)

On the beach near the city of La Grande Motte. :) It is about an hour drive from here but I loved it so much I went back 4 days in a row. Nothing beats the relaxation one gets by listening to the waves and lying in the sun :)

I like this fence. lol it possibly describes this vacation ;).

More beach.. I love the Mediterranian sea those days the water was so warm it was great to go and swim in it :)

moi :)

alll that relaxing finally got me to paint again. This is a bad photo but some of u might think I am joking with all this great scenery what does maria paint.. a pile of rocks.. lol I can't help it .. inspiration a mysterious thing... but it gets worse.. i am about to paint an old tree trunk that i saw on my trip in Barcelona... I know I weird. ;)

Then Finally I escaped to Barcelona.. Yeay Espagna! And I had no idea what it would be like but Damn.. IT WAS AMAZING! I absolutely love this place definitely one of my favorites.
This is Plaza Reial about 30 seconds walk from my hostel :)

Too sculptures at the sea port about 10 minutes walk from the hostel. The beach was about 15 minutes walk from the hostel :). There were about 10 bars with 30 seconds to 5 minutes walk of the hostel.. i had a blast ;)


Leah Faust said...

I can't believe I've been missing out on your travel blog! I loved Barcelona and am now going to re-live it by re-reading.

Hope you are having the time of your life!


Maria Doering said...

oh thanks leah,
you haven't missed much I havent wrote much, I am at trying to satisfy people with photos. lol i havent had much opportunity to really write anything but I am filling up a whole traveljournal here so Maybe I'll post some thoughts and stories once i am in germany.