Saturday, June 30, 2007

Barcelona con't

The beach in Barcelona! Fantastic place.. just the sand was a bit uncomfortable. Not as fine as on the French beaches :).

GAUDI!!!!!!! Antonio Gaudi is the man! Basically the most incredible architecture I have ever seen. If the man was still alive I would want his babies in 2 seconds! The organic shapes and patterns are almost surreal but absolutely beautiful.

This is the same building. :) Breath-taking!

This was the market in Barcelona. thes people must all be obsessive compulsive by the way the fruit and candy and meat and everything was arranged perfectly. I have never seen anything like it.

I mean check out the arrangement! That must have taken hours to line the cherries up like this!

Another one of Gaudi's appartment buildings. Yet again incredible.

This guy Greg who I met at the hostel, he was a geologist from Minnesota, joined me on my adventure to what people like to call "Gaudi Park" it is actually not the name of it. Originally it is named after Gaudi's patron. there for it took me a while to figure out how to get there ;) Lots of parks in Barcelona! But the streets around there are so steep that there are escalators in the streets for us lazy people ;).

That is just how steep it is.

This is a beatiful platform in Gaudi park designed by him and they are benches where people hang out and rest or just enjoy the view.

Close up of the ceramic tiles that cover the benches. Every one is perfectly unique.

More sights at Gaudi park!

Haha once in a while even I can't help but have someone take Touristy photos of me ;) Still at Gaudi park

But at the end of the day we all went back to the sea port

And soaked our aching feet in the sea ;)

I dont have any party pictures to show because I didnt want my camera to be stolen on my evening/night adventures in the city. Barcelona is very harmless but it is known for its pick-pocketers I managed to protect my belongings and nothing was stolen at the end of the day! :)

Now i am back in France. 10 more days here then I finally get to see my grandparents again. which I am very excited about. Also a 2 day trip to Prag with my dear friend Vroni on July 14-15th! Yeay!

In the next few days here i am planing on visiting Arles where Van Gogh lived at the end of his life. And St. Marie de la mer because I have lots of memories from there when I was there over 10 years ago. And I want to see it again. Maybe Avignon I don't know yet probably will depend on the weather.

Anyhow my friends. I hope everyone has a good summer and thanks again to those who wrote me! Special thanks to Racheal for her beautiful drawing!!!!!! You make me wanna draw nudes! But no one here wants to undress for me! ;) Take care!


Anonymous said...

Ach...ich nun wieder!
Ich hoere das meer rauschen und all das Obst sieht so gut aus...ach und in den Gaudi Park wuerde ich auch mal gehen, nur Baby,s wollte ich nicht*grins*
Bussi Mama

Maria Doering said...

Haha I love you Mutti! ;)
Das mit den baby's kann ich ja sagen der typ is ja schon nen weilchen hinueber ;).
Ich koennte ununterbrochen am meer sein. Hier regnets schon wieder... das wetter is hoffendlich besser wenn ich zu euch nach georgia komme!
Bussi maria

Anonymous said...

Bring ja das schlechte Wettrt nicht mit!
Bussi Mama

Maria Doering said...

langsam glaube ich wirklich das ich ueberall wo ich hinfahre schlechtes wetter hinbringe. :( Damn it!

wee-fi said...

I am so JEALOUS right now!! I am about to burst into a million pieces =) lol I love you man! I'm so happy you got to check Barcelona out! Its the best =D WOO! Enjoy the rest of your time woman!

Racheal said...

huzzah!!! gaudi!!! jealous.

Jason Martin said...

Love this beach side of Barcelona, thanks for sharing.
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