Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Escape to Europe!

Hello my loyal readers!
I am leaving for Europe on Monday, I don't know if I am going to have internet within the next 6 weeks. If yes I will keep you all updated with the paintings I am going to make during my long walks through the lavender fields, wine fields and olive trees down in Provence, Southern France.
So far my trip Itinerary is 7:30am on May 28th departure at JFK to London Heathrow. I'll arrive at Heathrow at 7-8 pm London time and chill out and then make my way from heathrow to stanstead. Where my ryan air flight departs at 6:05 in the morning. I arrive in Montpellier, Southern France at 9:00am where my relatives are going to pick me up and bring me to their wonderful house out in the middle of nowhere!

I am staying with them for 6 weeks. I might go on a couple of adventures, like visit Barcelona down in Spain for a bit or who knows where the wind will blow me too....
In the middle of July I am going to head out fly back to london with super cheap Ryan air and from london to Linz, a city near the German-austrian border where my wonderful Grandparents are going to pick me up. And we are going to head back to Passau where I am going to enjoy their company and see old classmates and aunts and uncles... etc..
July 30th I am going to fly back to London, and then from London Heathrow my flight departs July 31st to return to the United States.
I am going to settle the rest of my Visa stuff with the Canadian consulate in New York right when I return. As soon as that is all done August 6th my flight leaves Newark for Georgia, where I am staying 12 days with my parents. After my return from Georgia on August 18th, if everything works out well I am basically going to move up to Montreal, Canada and hopefully be enrolled for classes at Concordia University to start my 3 year Journey to become a Master of Fine arts.

So that is the Masterplan. I will keep you all updated on were live takes me in the next months!
Until then.. SALUT and Tschuessi!


Anonymous said...

ach, i am jealous!
Bussi Mom

Maria Doering said...

hab dich lieb!!!!


wee-fi said...

Have fun you little bunchkin. Send me some lavender!!! ; P