Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Making of "Reflections" a collaboration between Maria Doering & Dono Bei C.

Working on the type setting, Typeface: Perpetua 14pt. Jim Lee let me use his because he has enough letters in his set that I was able to set at least half of the book in one shot.

Finished paragraph, line spacers and different type of spaces to put inbetween the words. :)

My finished paragraphs. Secured with some string.

Meanwhile working on printing the images on a Dufa Offset press, I printed 8 different miniature Linocuts on here. It's a reduction process, meaning to print the lightest color you carve away a little bit. To print the next darker color you carve away a bit more.. and so on so forth. Every time you carve you add a new color layer to your image and it becomes more detailed each time.

Ink on a glasspalette, and rollers.

The big blue roller picks up the ink from the Linocut, then rolls over to the paperbed and drops the ink off on the paper. In this picture you can see the new ink on the roller and the already printed previous colors on the paper.

And this is what it looked like after that color layer was dropped :).

Then it was time to print the type as well. So we secure it and position it with lots of "furniture" in the Vandercook Letterpress.
This was the title page.

These are the automated rollers with which you ink up the type :). The paper gets clamped in at the top and you roll that whole section over the type, so it get's inked up and printed all at the same time.

the finished title page. This book is a french fold, that means once everything was printed I folded it horizontally in half and then vertically in half.

More finished pages :)

LOTS of type set printing! The book has 12 pages of type I believe.

Yeay and another finished page :).

All type pages.

More finished pages drying in the drying rack.

As soon as I finished assembling, handstitching and binding the 8 books I will upload a photograph of the finished product as well. :) Up until then I hope you enjoyed the process. Ask me questions if you don't understand any of it.

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