Sunday, April 29, 2007

Limited Edition Book

My schedule didn't allow me to take Jim Lee's Bookarts course this semester. But I had taken a Book binding and Papermaking course when I was in Italy.
As my final project.. to myself.. I decided i am going to spend the next few weeks with making my first Limited Edition Book with actual content. Charles (Dono Bei) and I are collaborating. He provided half of the writing that is going to be hand-typeset with the font Perpetua and printed on a Vandercook letterpress. (Just like back in the day :D). If everything works out well, it's going to be an edition of 8. Out of which 6 will be for sale. The content is basically 2 poems interweaved through-out the book. One that Charles wrote (in french) about his home country Tchad and one that I wrote in German about my childhood and my home country, Germany. They are illustrated with 8 small reduction linocuts printed on the Dufa Offset press. It will be a french-fold book, Title page and minibiographies in the back will be set in English. French Accents and the German "umlaut" dots are going to be hand stitched into each copy with very delicate thread. It is going to have about 22 pages and it is 5x8 inches landscape format. If you reserve your copy now it will be $120.
Final price without reservation will be around $200 a copy.


Anonymous said...

i love the idea of two poems interweaving. it sounds really beautiful. i would love to see how it turns out:)

p.s. congratulations on gradschool in montreal!

Anonymous said...

HAH! I DID see your show just not at the opening- I can be so dense sometimes, sorry!!! I even remember your work and it was beautiful. Can you believe it-we're going to graduate- are you ready? I'm going to miss the nest but I'm anxious to fly away, ya know. Now what are you going to do after graduation?? I'm hoping to break into the children's book field..but as I type, I'm currently talking to someone about a possible job as a medical illustrator, go figure. Still, I plan on the children's books as I've got a few just to illustrate. Anyhow- I'll catch ya later and it was so good to see you at the show, thanks!


Maria Doering said...

Thank you so much for checking out my show. Yours was quite the spectacle yesterday!
I am glad you got to see the Printmaking senior show as well!
Hey as long as you are doing something art related?! In the end medical illustrator sounds great as long as it pays! :)
You can always do the children's books, get that other job on your resume! :D
I am having quite the crazy next few months in front of me. I am leaving my belongings in a storage starting the end of this month and taking a plane to France, where I am staying with relatives for 6 weeks then 2 weeks Germany to see my grandparents and old friends. When I get back to the states I am going to drop by Georgia to visit my parents and then off to Montreal, Canada for graduate school! :)