Saturday, April 28, 2007


Ladies and Gentleman!
First of all thank you so much to all of you that came to the opening of Ink(ed) or visited the gallery during the week that the show was up for. It was all very exciting and thank you for your support!
Those of you who were not able to come, here are some photos from the opening :)

Front entrance gerber sign, announcing the show and the participants.


The Silpe Gallery, with limited edition books in the center and Lindsay Montalvo's work on the right and Mary Kulbacki's work on the left.

Moi and the beautiful flowers Fiona got for me, with special greetings from my parents!

I needed a photo with Tim Wengertsman because he is going to be big!! He is going to be the biggest art rockstar in our group... I don't just say so.. I know so! :) His work is CRAZY!!!!

That was my little nitch with my work :)


definitely a good crowd at the opening!! it was a great turn out!

The question of the evening was, did people come because of the artwork ... or the guest appearance of the chocolate fountain?? :D

Yet another rockstar who needs to be mentioned! Scoti McCluggage!! He is our printshop technician, without him all of us would be disappeared in chaos and lack of supplies. HE IS THE MAN!!!

Mr. Jeremy Treadwell III ( I think ;) ) and he also is the man. Good job Jeremy!

Fiona... she is an overall amazing person, that is all that needs to be said about her :). Thank you Thank you Thank you Fiona!!!

Good ol' afterparty craziness.

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