Wednesday, April 11, 2007

INK.(ed) Printmaking BFA exhibition

We are hanging the senior show tomorrow, everything is done, I am putting the last 2 prints in their frames today. Then I am officially ready to hang. I am also going to bind the guestbook today I prepared it all yesterday and pressed it overnight.
I found a cute dress, shoes and such for the opening. I'm going to throw together some food tomorrow or friday to contribute to the opening and then all i need is print out artist statement, pricelist..etc.. and get a flower at the flower shop on the corner of my street.
So mostly just little things to do.
By the time Saturday hits all I'll have to do is look fabulous. So it's been a relatively relaxed last 2 weeks... at least in regards to the show.
I made a little print for the cover of my guestbook, and I made plans to participate in the portfolio exchange with . That will keep me doing work until the year is over. Other than that I am looking at airfares to france for my 2 month visit after graduation, as well as trying to plan the next 4 months since I have to put my life in storage I am selling some furniture.

Come to the opening on saturday!!! Fantastic artwork + delicious food = irresistable

Printmaking BFA exhibition
April 13th - 18th

Opening Reception: April 14th 6-9pm

Participating Artists:
Jessica Bourque
Kristin Centrella
Maria Doering
Erin Jenkins
Jill Jancko
Mary Kulbacki
Dave Lemieux
Lindsay Montalvo
Jennifer Pagan
Jeremy Treadwell
Tim Wengertsman

Silpe Gallery
Hartford Art School
University of Hartford
200 Bloomfield Ave
West Hartford, CT 06117

Gallery Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 4pm

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