Sunday, March 4, 2007

Quick Break from my Thesis

I needed to take a quick break this weekend and did some black and white 'lino-cutting' of Mr. Jamie our turtle! :) It's only a little 5x7 block.

Title: Mr. Jamie
Medium: B&W linocut

And another little one that I made during Winterbreak:
Title: Mietze
Medium: B&W Linocut


Anonymous said...

awww it is your cat. so sweet. i actually really love that peice and of jamie. he/she is going to be famous between you and fi.

Maria Doering said...

jamie is totally famous already :D

Mary Lopez said...

Looks like you're really productive despite taking a break from making your thesis. I wish I could afford to take a break like you so I could think of better thesis ideas but I procrastinated too much already. more power to you!