Friday, February 16, 2007

Progress... or not ;)

Today I finished the 9th piece in the series. And I also decided that the 6th piece.. which is next to be posted does not fit into the overall series. It's just not a good print.. It was a lot of work but enough time has passed for me to understand that I need to redo the print. Another problem with this print is that it is a color litho and all the other "result" prints for each couple are color reduction relief with Digital text. So today I decided I am going to redo this one while I am getting started on Couple #4. I am still deciding on which to post next. Since it might take a while until I finish print #6 I might just post #7 next.. which is Litho that goes with couple number 3. I hope this is not getting too confusing. Just to clearify again. For every couple I am observing and working with I am making 3 prints. 1 small black and white Lithograph, 1 large Monotype and 1 color reduction offset relief with digital type in the background.

So here is what I have so far:
Couple #1 (Indian & German-Italian):
"Caught" (litho)
"At first glance..." (monotype)
"Essence" (color reduction relief with digital type)

Couple #2 (Irish & Puerto Rican):
"Joy" (litho)
"As Light As Air..." (Monotype)
"Balance" (<-- This is the one I am redoing)

Couple #3 (Tschad, Africa & German):
"Exchange" (litho)
"Just outside the box... "(monotype)
(no titke yet) (color reduction relief with digital type)

Couple # 4 ... about to get started ...

This is all 9 prints so far...

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wee-fi said...

love that photo with all the stuff hangin' =)

Can't wait to see the new relief!!!