Friday, February 23, 2007

the pressure is off.

I am debating whether or not it will be worth it to try to do an entire 4rth set of prints. I might just stick with 3 sets ... overall 9 good prints. I am almost finished with redoing the "Balance" print. and the improvement has payed off massively. As soon as that one is finished I am going to focus on the large monotypes and fix the later 2 to a point where they work in the series as well as standing alone.
So I decided to figure out my references for the 4rth couple during the next week and get started on them no matter what. Since I would like to continue this series beyond Senior year I am not just going to stop. But it feels better to take some pressure off.
I went to Jerry's Artarama today trying out frame moldings that could work on the large Monotypes. I think an offwhite matt and then nielsen's florentine amber with a super simple profile .. so that its just a thin almost golden but texturized outline. Those mats are so big that I have to check with cornelia first if she has glass large enough .. the overall mat dimensions are going to be bigger than 22x30 inches..
I am thinking off black matts with black molding for the lithos, I know that looks perfect. And it will help underline the intimacy happening in the lithos.
The only ones I still am not sure about are the relief prints. i might have to give them black frames too because they are intense but different color scheme every time.
What ever I do I need to give each type the same frames.. all lithos the same.. all monotypes same.. other wise it will look awkward at the show.

Btw. I am always highly interested what reactions people have to my work, what they see happening in it. If they love it or hate it. What emotion it causes... or no reaction at all..
If you have a thought please share it.
After I posted the Lithograph "Exchange" I had an excellent conversation with someone who saw the print for the first time. And his reaction was very unexpected to me. He thought the girl in the image was upset with the guy, turning away.. they both look very thoughtful, and he said it could also be that he is proposing to her. All of that I had never even thought of. So it is very exciting to hear what people connect the imagery with.

Music: Fantastic artist I recently discovered: Lokua Kanza

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